Today we start aperiodic articles about Lechia and Polish Ekstraklasa in English.

First – the interview with Chris Graham, Scottish correspondent and Polish football ‘pundit’ for Sports Tonight Live.

How did you start your adventure with Polish Ekstraklasa?

I've always been aware of Polish football and the great clubs in your country but it was when I was asked to be part of the team that would broadcast Polish football to British TV for the first time that my interest really stepped up. That was back in August 2012 and my love for Polish football has continued to grow since then.

We know, that your favourite Polish Football team is Lechia - why? What do you like the most?

Lechia are one of those teams that I love to watch. They are a positive team with exciting players. The fact they have never won Ekstraklasa makes me like them more as I hope it will happen one day. I also admire them for their excellent away record this season and they have excellent fans. Watching Abdou Razack Traore and Ricardinho work well together this season has been very exciting and my favourite thing. It's a real shame that Trarore has gone to Turkey!

Isn't there anything more interesting to do than watching Ekstraklasa?

No. What I like about Ekstraklasa is how competitive it is. Any team can beat the other. We saw that one weekend in November when Jagiellonia beat Legia and Piast beat Slask. There have been five different winners of Ekstraklasa in the last seven years, in England, Spain and Italy the same teams win the league every year, so Ekstraklasa is very exciting because of that. It's never dull following Ekstraklasa!


How do you think - who will win league? Which team will be second, third? On which place will Lechia finish?

I think Legia will win the league this season. They have some very good players and they seem mentally stronger than a lot of their rivals. Look at the way they won in Poznan back in November. So impressive! I have a feeling Slask will have an excellent Spring Round and finish 2nd and I think Lech Poznan will finish 3rd. I would love Lechia to win the league but I'm concerned that they no longer have Trarore. If they can improve their home form and maintain their excellent away form they can definitely finish in the Top 5. Before Christmas (when Trarore was still at the club) I produced a video talking about Lechia Gdansk's chances in the Spring Round (from 3 minutes)

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